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Interdisciplined is an educational collaboratory formed for the purposes of developing, promoting and providing materials and services of educational merit based in New York City.

Interdisciplined is currently focused on providing interdisciplinary enrichment programs, improving the quality and implementation of educational technology, and in general encouraging an enhanced intellectual and creative educational experience inside and out of schools. Check out our projects and contact us to learn more. 



teachers, writers, academicians, indy scholars, and artist-musicians: do semiotics and mathematics; cyberneticists or whack genetics; cosmologics and pedagogics; alchemy, geography, and (anti)philosophy! Join us or step aside, your call...

ecogradients is a publication effort dedicated to the discovery, development, and dissemination of formulae for the synthesis of perfectly-balanced alloys of cultural and educational thought, the likes of which have been undergirding intellectual infrastructures at Columbia University Teachers College and beyond since before Dewey invented the decimal system. 

please don’t hesitate to contact us at with submission inquiries, suggestions for future issues or collaborative projects, feedback about the site, or questions for and about our contributors.

An app for Google Glass currently in development.  Swarm! is a massively multiplayer augmented reality simulation replicating the experience of being a member of a functioning ant colony. You can read more about it here.

The focus of Interdisciplined's Corporation Chaos working group is to explore and develop innovative technological solutions that engage educational and social issues. 

Under Interdisciplined, PoeisisNYC (coming soon) will be focused on creating, publishing and distributing works (fiction as well non-fiction) having artistic, philosophical and educational merit.

Create, publish and distribute works (fiction as well non-fiction) having artistic, philosophical and/or educational merit through various mediums including video, text, and images in books, websites, and mobile platforms.

Be part of Interdisciplined. There are several ways in which you can step up and relate to one, two, or more projects and activities. 

Swarm! Check it out Swarm! Fundraising Pitch video.

Ways in which you may engage with Swarm!: coding, designing, and pledging (tax deducted). 


Ways in which you may engage with PoiesisNYC: translating from Portuguese-English-Portuguese; authoring and publishing your book with us.